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More Than a Song – Discovering the Truth of Scripture Hidden in Today’s Popular Christian Music 460: #460: “Gratitude” by Brandon Lake

More Than a Song - Discovering the Truth of Scripture Hidden in Today's Popular Christian Music 460: #460: "Gratitude" by Brandon Lake

What is your natural response to the love, power, and glory of God? Do your lips exclaim hallelujah? Do you sing with joy? Do you praise with a heart of gratitude? That’s what Brandon Lake’s song “Gratitude” leads us to do. And it’s reflective of another song in Scripture.

King David was in a literal wilderness season when he wrote Psalm 63. Let’s consider his song together in light of his circumstances.

In this episode, I discuss the following:

  • Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture – this week’s Bible Interaction Tool Exercises include:
    • Follow the cross-reference
    • Complete a word study
    • Consult an outside resource
    • Meditate on Scripture
    • Make a list
  • The free one-page PDF Episode Guide to guide your study – Episode 460 Download
  • Choosing Psalm 63 because our theme verse matches the lyrics of our song – Psalm 63:4
  • Following the cross-reference to 2 Samuel 13-19 to read about David and Absolom and what led to David’s wilderness experience
  • Considering the head space David may have been in when he wrote Psalm 63
    • Weary – 2 Samuel 16:14
    • Weary and discouraged – 2 Samuel 17:2
    • Hungry and thirsty – 2 Samuel 17:29
  • Reading Psalm 63 with the background knowledge of 2 Samuel 13-19
  • The ark was not with David in the wilderness – 2 Samuel 15:24-26
  • God’s steadfast love is better than life – Psalm 63:3
  • A word study on God’s steadfast love – Bible Project Video
  • Hallelujah means “praise ye YAH (Yahweh)” – Article
  • Making a list of the methods of praise we see in Psalm 63

I’m not saying you shouldn’t seek His provision, but this psalm has taught me there is a time for praise and gratitude that is all about God and not just about what He can do for me.

More Than a Song Playlist

Additional Resources

This Week’s Challenge

Read 2 Samuel 13-19 this week. Read it over several days if you have to. Then pick up Psalm 63 and see how David’s circumstances in the historical narrative shaped his song of praise to God. Take time to interact with Psalm 63. Make lists, write out your own prayers of praise back to God, and meditate on the words of this song of praise.

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