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supporting young Christians in music


Our music studios are no available for private hire. We feature 2 separate recording booths within our studios. They are available when the ministry programme have not booked them. Please email for suitability and availability.

We are always looking for young Christians who want a career in the Christian music industry. Our aim is to provide young people with the essential skills and attitudes needed to get noticed and signed up by record labels.

What we offer

To help with our mission we can offer the following:

  • recording studios – professional level studio with 2 booths and experienced sound engineers to help
  • session musicians – for solo singers our worship band members are happy to provide backing track when available
  • video recording – we have semi-professional video and lighting rigs together with fast multimedia processing computers
  • practice rooms – to get an experience of performing and to rehearse for gigs
  • networking – get together with other young Christians interested in music at our youth meetings
  • support and encouragement – we can offer you support, training and encouragement as you start your career in the Christian music industry
  • mentorship – for those with the capabilities, skills, and personal qualities we have connections with a CCM music label in the US. For those who are suitable, there is a 12-month mentorship programme which could lead to a music label signing.

What music genres do we support?

We concentrate on the music genres that we feel we can support in a positive manner. In all instances, we only support Christian genre music and within that, we have various sub-genres we prefer.

we feel we can offer the most benefit to artists within the following sub-genres of Christian music:

  • contemporary christian music
  • worship music
  • gospel music
  • traditional hymnal music
  • christian soft rock
  • christian country

We will consider other christian sub-genres depending on the artists and will be considered on an individual basis. However, we feel we would only be able to offer very limited support in those circumstances due to a lack of experience in those sub-genres.

Who can join our programme?

This is a special programme for Christian artists that operates separately from our outreach music work. To join you need to follow the following process:

  • apply – this programme is open to young Christian performers between the ages of 9 and 18
  • audition – you will need to be an experienced artist with a desire to make Christian music your career. to demonstrate your abilities you will need to apply with audition videos.
  • interview – you will need to undertake an interview at our studios in Newport if your audition videos are successful. This interview will also include a singing and voice assessment by one of our worship leaders.
  • commitment – you will need to be able to commit to regular sessions in Newport, South Wales. This will be at least on a fortnightly basis to remain on the programme. Travel bursaries can be made available to those who need help with travel costs.

How to join

If you would like to join our mentorship and support programme for young Christian singers and musicians fill in the form below. Remember to add your age and also your social channels if you have music already uploaded.

If you are under 16 then you must have your parents permission to apply.

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