worship beats grants for young christians

Performing Arts Grants

helping young Christians in performing arts

If you are a young Christian involved with performing arts and looking for help then we have a number of small grants we offer each year. 

This is in addition to our main help for young Christian musicians. These grants which range from £50 to £1000 can help you develop your skills in performing arts. The subjects we can help with include:

  • dance
  • video
  • instruments
  • acting
  • poetry
  • written word and story-telling

If you would like some help towards your project – we rarely contribute more than 30% of the total cost required – then you would need to;

  • be aged between 8 and 18
  • an active Christian
  • the project needing funding will need to promote Christianity in a positive way
  • be a member of a recognised church that follows Christ. We are non-denominational so any Christian faith-based church can be considered.

We need you to explain to us;

  • what the project or reason for the application is?
  • how much the total cost is?
  • how much do you want us to contribute?
  • how it will develop your Christian faith?

You can apply to help your Youtube channel develop, take part in local production, need to travel for a show – you just need to explain what the project is.


If you are a Christian musician we may be able to help further. We are developing a Christian music label for young Christians. For those who get accepted, we can offer free music studio time, free technical help, free video production and also free marketing. 

Our studios are in Newport, South Wales and we will be able to help with travelling costs if needed. We will be publishing details shortly on how to apply for our Christian music label in the near future.


Apply for grant

To apply for a grant fill in the form below and make sure you give all the needed details. If your application passes through the first review then we will contact you for more details. Please make sure you fill in your email address so we can respond. If you are under 13 then the application should be submitted by a parent or guardian on your behalf. If you are 13-16 then you will need your parent’s permission to apply.




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