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The JFH Podcast 193: 193: What Are the Hidden Gems of Tooth & Nail’s Catalog? A JFH Panel Discussion (feat. Ravenhill’s Josh Clifton)

The JFH Podcast 193: 193: What Are the Hidden Gems of Tooth & Nail's Catalog? A JFH Panel Discussion (feat. Ravenhill's Josh Clifton)

Tooth & Nail Records (and its imprints) are responsible for releasing some of the most famous albums in the history of Christian music… but what albums have gone overlooked? A panel including podcast host Chase Tremaine, JFH staffers Scott Fryberger and Evan Dickens, and Ravenhill’s Josh Clifton join together to attempt to answer this question. Follow along with this Spotify playlist of hidden gems.

This episode is sponsored by Chase Tremaine, whose new single “Time” will be streaming everywhere on September 29. Click here¬†for more information.

The JFH Podcast is hosted and produced by Chase Tremaine and executive produced by John DiBiase and Christopher Smith. To meet the people behind the show, discuss the episodes, ask questions, and engage in conversations with other listeners, join the JFH Podcast group on Facebook.

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