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NRT Now Podcast 139: 139 – Bring Back the Boy Bands! (Anthem Lights)

NRT Now Podcast 139: 139 - Bring Back the Boy Bands! (Anthem Lights)

It’s entirely possible, likely even, that you were introduced to Anthem Lights through one of their medleys or mashups on social media. With close to 8 million followers across all platforms, their passion for creating family friendly entertainment is resonating with so many. The group stops in to share with us about why they have poured so much into these projects and about incorporating mainstream music in along with the Christian songs.

If you’ve noticed that they’ve been a little quiet lately, it’s because they have been focusing on their upcoming album of original music! The song “God Gave Me Freedom” has recently been released to radio, although the guys of Anthem Lights didn’t expect it to be their next single. The group shares the story and the life behind the song and about the upcoming project.

We couldn’t end the episode without talking about influential vocal groups and boy bands. Anthem Lights talks about the groups that were most influential to them being at the spot they are today.


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