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NRT Now Podcast 133: 133 – Brand New Me (Ben Fuller)

NRT Now Podcast 133: 133 - Brand New Me (Ben Fuller)

Ben Fuller’s song “Who I Am” has made an impact on so many of us… as evidenced by how long it dominated the charts at #1 and recently earning an NRT We Love Awards nomination. Behind that song is a man who has fought through addictions in a primarily unchurched part of the country. After moving to Nashville, Ben had an encounter with Jesus that broke the chains of addiction.


Ben chats with us about the peace he found once he surrendered his life to Christ. Through his relatively short time as a Christian, he has seen God restore relationships in his life, break addictions, and restore mental health. One of the relationships that has been restored is one with his Dad, a relationship that is now open to emotion. We chat about how important it is for guys to express emotion and to find the kind of friends you can be raw and authentic around.

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